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Employed By Life to Working Woman

There is a lot of information out there about how to disguise a gap in your work history, as though it is something negative to be hidden from the hiring manager. It is time to change our thinking and really shine a light on the value that a person Employed by Life brings to the work force. Gaps Happen  Gaps in work history happen for all kinds of reasons, whether forced or planned. Instead of fudging the dates to close the gap in time, use it as an opportunity to list skills that you have accumulated during this transition time, then highlight your accomplishments and skills gained. We firmly believe that every experience can be applied to the corporate world. A person that has spent any amount of time without paid employment typically did not just sit around waiting for the next job to knock on their door. Whether or not their time off was voluntarily, they gained many valuable skills. Combine those skills with a renewed zest for rejoining the workforce and they quite possibly will become the most treasured employee. Examples of Employed by Life Experiences  Raising children is the ultimate job – you making an impact on the next generation. It takes a 24/7 commitment, and all the training is on-the-job. No two days are ever the same. Talk about being able to multitask under pressure! Keeping the attention of a group of 3 year olds for any length of time is like herding ducks. This person must be engaging, the ultimate in multitasking, while giving a presentation and not losing those that are paying attention. They must be constantly on the lookout for those charges that are becoming disinterested or distractedly wandering off. We want that person’s intuitive abilities in my company. They can think on their feet, discern when a client’s interest flags or when that client is ripe for the close. Caring for an aging or seriously ill family member requires another set of underrated skills. Researching the illness, the treatments, the care requirements, organizing medications, patient needs, and nutrition are just a few of the critical tasks. The compassion and commitment that it takes is something that you simply cannot teach a person, and is a beautiful thing when you encounter it. Typically this person is proactive, organized, and fiscally responsible, they tend to enjoy life, and above all they are tenacious (have you ever had to deal with insurance companies to get tests approved or medications covered?). During your time off did you take on any special projects, manage a household, oversee a home remodel, or even plant a garden? All of these activities say something about you and help contribute...

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Craft Your Personal Brand to Create Your Next Job Opportunity

Sharing your message, your personal brand, via social media and public speaking is a critical component to creating your next job opportunity! The steps to creating your next job opportunity may seem overwhelming at times, but is what your are doing now in your job search process getting the results that you desire, and how much time and effort are you pouring into revising and re-writing resumes to send into the black hole of the internet. I agree it is a frustrating and demoralizing process, that is I why I am so passionate about sharing What’s For Work? A website dedicated to helping you craft your personal brand and learn to use social media to create your next job opportunity.  Start by setting up and owning your personal brand by setting up your profile along with a professional looking headshot. Then the work really begins around crafting your personal brand. A top level over view includes the following steps: Write out a comprehensive resume, including all work (paid and volunteer, as well as all activities you have done while being Employed By Life, Do some soul searching when looking at this list – what did you really enjoy doing and be very clear in why you like that job or job function, Identify the companies/industries that you dream of working for, Research what issues or problems these companies/industries are facing today, Start blogging about how you are the solution to the company or industry issues or problems, Learn to use social media and public speaking to get the hiring managers to know, like, and trust you so that you become the candidate of choice. I will be writing more blogs about each of these points over the next few months, ones that will really dive down into the methodology of crafting a personal brand and using social media to create your next job opportunity. Please let know if you have any concerns right now that I can...

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