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Craft Your Personal Brand to Create Your Next Job Opportunity

By Teri Hocket

Posted on April 27, 2014 in Getting Back to Work

Sharing your message, your personal brand, via social media and public speaking is a critical component to creating your next job opportunity!

The steps to creating your next job opportunity may seem overwhelming at times, but is what your are doing now in your job search process getting the results that you desire, and how much time and effort are you pouring into revising and re-writing resumes to send into the black hole of the internet. I agree it is a frustrating and demoralizing process, that is I why I am so passionate about sharing What’s For Work? A website dedicated to helping you craft your personal brand and learn to use social media to create your next job opportunity. 

Start by setting up and owning your personal brand by setting up your profile along with a professional looking headshot. Then the work really begins around crafting your personal brand.

A top level over view includes the following steps:

  • Write out a comprehensive resume, including all work (paid and volunteer, as well as all activities you have done while being Employed By Life,
  • Do some soul searching when looking at this list – what did you really enjoy doing and be very clear in why you like that job or job function,
  • Identify the companies/industries that you dream of working for,
  • Research what issues or problems these companies/industries are facing today,
  • Start blogging about how you are the solution to the company or industry issues or problems,
  • Learn to use social media and public speaking to get the hiring managers to know, like, and trust you so that you become the candidate of choice.

I will be writing more blogs about each of these points over the next few months, ones that will really dive down into the methodology of crafting a personal brand and using social media to create your next job opportunity. Please let know if you have any concerns right now that I can address.